Choose from our many magical themes. We threw some pixie dust in there to ensure everyone has the most enchanting experience!


What's Included

 Individual Tents, Memory Foam Mattresses, Mattress Covers, Sheets, Pillows, Plush Blankets, Plush or Decorative Pillows, Lanterns or Lamps, Trays, Themed Decor, Garlands, Rugs, Themed Characters


Dress-ups, Slippers, Robes, Mirrors, Play Masks, Sleeping Masks, Plush Rugs, Plush Characters, Chalk Board Signs

If you don't see a specific theme
make sure to message us with your ideas.
With Magic, we can bring your ideas to life.
Click on any of the options below for more information. 


Fit for all things fairies. Dive into this enchanted world, and you might just believe 


Children will surely use their imagination in this mermaid theme!  


For Dino lovers only!

Go back in time as you enjoy this literal blast from the past.

Campfire included!


Toy Story Mania at its finest!

Camp out to your favorite toy story hero.


Jump into a real-life Super Mario game, with your favorite Super Mario Characters.

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Fit for the finest, this beautiful theme will make you feel like a million bucks.


Whether on the dark side or not, this experience will surely feel as if you're in the story itself.


Only real superhero's allowed! 


A mix between all the girly characters. All fairies, mermaids, princesses, and unicorns welcome!

Get your beauty on! 

filled with beauty masks, lip & eye masks, nail polish and more.

Jump into this enchanted forest to meet your new besties. 

Bringing the Colorado outdoors to you, no fir-bans here. "campfires" Welcome

Why go over the rainbow when its just as beautiful underneath.


As CMZ as our inspiration, meet so many of the favorite animals with this fun animal sleepover, fit for both girls and boys.

Movie Night Sleepover